Owl & skull back patch

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This back patch serves as a unique and meaningful accessory, blending elements of Japanese tradition with contemporary style, making it a standout addition to any garment or accessory. Whether worn as a statement piece or appreciated for its artistic intricacy, this patch embodies the timeless allure of Japanese aesthetics. Depicting the enigmatic nature of an owl in an embroidered back patch presents unique challenges due to its intricate features and elusive character. Capturing the owl’s essence requires careful attention to detail and skillful execution to convey its mysterious allure effectively. Embroidering the intricate patterns of the owl’s feathers demands precision and patience, as each feather must be delicately rendered to evoke the bird’s distinctive texture and depth. Additionally, conveying the owl’s piercing gaze and inscrutable expression requires subtle shading and meticulous stitching techniques to achieve a lifelike portrayal.

100% Cotton

Viscose Embroidery Threads

Iron on Backing

the many advantages of iron-on glue

Iron-on patches are convenient to apply, requiring only an iron and a flat surface. This makes them user-friendly and accessible for individuals who may not have sewing skills.

Unlike traditional sew-on patches that need to be stitched onto fabric, iron-on patches eliminate the need for sewing. This can save time and effort, making them a popular choice for quick customization.

Iron-on adhesive is versatile and can be applied to a variety of fabrics, including cotton, denim, and canvas. It allows for customization on clothing items, bags, hats, and more.

Iron-on patches can provide a temporary or semi-permanent solution. If applied correctly, they can withstand regular wear and washing. However, they can also be removed by reheating the adhesive if you want to change or reposition the patch.

Iron-on patches provide a smooth and uniform attachment to the fabric, creating a clean and professional look without visible stitches on the front side.

Iron-on patches are often used for decorative purposes, allowing individuals to express their style, interests, or affiliations. They are popular in fashion, DIY crafting, and for creating personalized accessories.

Owl & skull back patch

In traditional Japanese style, the embroidery employs pastel colours and meticulous craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from ukiyo-e woodblock prints and delicate brushwork. The composition balances elements of nature and mortality, creating a captivating visual narrative that resonates with cultural depth and symbolism.


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Washing and care

While you can wash items that have iron-on patches properly attached, care must be taken. Only wash in cold to lukewarm water and where possible, hand wash the item. If washing in the machine, only use the gentle cycle. Always turn the garment with the iron-on patch inside out when washing it. Try to keep washing to a minimum, to preserve the patch and if its edges fray a lot, you may need to trim them or even stitch them back down.

Hand wash only
Do not iron on directly
Do not bleach
do not tumble dry